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    Manage Your Brain Performance With Roberto: The 6-Minute Brain Health Checkup


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    Roberto App

    How strong is your brain performance?

    With Roberto, you can find out in about 6 minutes.

    Roberto is a user-friendly brain health and wellness tool. It’s based on pencil-and-paper and tabletop apparatus tests used for more than 50 years to measure neurocognitive and neuromotor performance. And it’s fun! Just play a series of videogames that target different areas of your brain.


    Brain performance matters. Until recently, wellness programs have largely ignored our most crucial and complex area of health—our brain. It’s our brain that defines our personality and who we are. Now, neuroscientists have discovered that the brain remains malleable and can grow news cells until we die. No longer are we at the mercy of brain aging and disease. We now know that with proper lifestyle choices we have the ability to live a brain healthy life.

    Get To Know Your Brain

    Are You Maximizing Your Brain Performance?

    An Ignored Area Of Health

    Wellness programs largely ignore our most crucial and complex area of health—our brain. It’s our brain that defines our personality and who we are.


    A New Understanding

    Now, neuroscientists have discovered that the brain remains malleable and can continue experience growth until we die.


    Lifestyle Matters

    We now know that with proper lifestyle choices we have the ability to live a brain healthy life.


    Manage and Track Brain Health

    Roberto can help you manage your brain health by giving you objective performance data. Track how changes in diet, sleep, exercise and more affect your brain.

  • WHO Should Use Roberto?

    Anyone interested in assessing and measuring their brain health - especially parents, caregivers, athletes, clinicians, youth sports, organizations, business owners, employees and seniors. It can also be used to monitor the performance of people who are dealing with neurological disorders, gathering additional data to make better decisions.

    HOW Should You Use Roberto?

    Roberto is a wellness-based monitoring system. It is a guide for the user to gauge changes in cognition or motor ability that could be caused by diet, nutritional supplements, changes in sleep patterns, exercise or training, socialization, stress reduction and mental stimulation.

    • Use Roberto a minimum of twice per week to establish your personal normative profile and to begin generating trend data.
    • Take Roberto sessions at night and in the morning to determine if there is a difference in your own neurocognitive and neuromotor abilities by time of day. 
    • Roberto profiles generated over time can be used to learn more about your own brain health and can be shared with your physician, family, coach, trainer and more.
    • Understand that your performance on any one Roberto session will be compared to your other sessions, meaning you will be compared to yourself.
  • Learn How Your Organization Can Benefit From Roberto App Brain Performance Programs

    Illinois Marine Towing Case Study

    CLICK HERE to view the IMT case study with how taking a proactive approach to workplace safety and wellness paid off for Illinois Marine Towing.


    Main Challenge

    Improving safety and mindfulness for employees in high-risk situations, including 21 days on a boat working in 6 hour on/off shifts, 7 days a week.



    700K Savings in operating costs during the first year of the program.

    66% Reduction in recordables among all IMT team members in year-to-year comparisons.

    75% Reduction in lost time dues to injuries for all IMT team members in year-to-year comparisons.

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    • The FDA has identified Roberto as a Class II Medical Device for monitoring and assisting in the treatment of a wide range of conditions including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder.

    Ray Lewis on Roberto App

    MS Patient w/ Roberto App

    Roberto Clemente Jr.

  • Using Roberto is as easy as 1-2-3

    1. Practice Playing the Game - Sign up for Roberto and start gathering data about your brain performance. It's like a thermometer for your brain.
    2. Establish Your Normal Range - After 4 practice sessions, Roberto will determine what is normal for you. It's your Brain Performance Profile.
    3. Continue Monitoring Your Progress - Spot trends and be proactive with your brain health. Challenge your friends to beat your scores. Share you results with your health care provider, coach or trainer.

    Establish Normal Range

    Use Roberto twice a week to establish your brain performance profile and to begin generating trend data. After four sessions a baseline Brain Performance Profile is created. NOTE: 1st four tests are pre-tests/practice tests.

    Monitor Roberto Scores

    Take Roberto sessions at different times of the day to determined how your own neurocognitive and neuromotor abilities fluctuate.

    Track Lifestyle Changes

    Roberto profiles generated over time can be used to determine what affects your brain performance and can be shared with your physician.

  • Watch The Roberto App Quick Start Video

    DISCLAIMER: ROBERTO DOES NOT PROVIDE A MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS. ROBERTO is not a medical diagnostic tool or clinical treatment. The results from Roberto empower individuals to take personal responsibility in monitoring their brain health and make informed health decisions. ROBERTO has been identified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a class II medical device exempt from 510(k) premarket notification requirements. ROBERTO is a computerized neurocognitive assessment aid that is not intended for use as a stand-alone assessment of specific diseases or conditions.

  • Roberto Reliability Testing

  • The Science

    Roberto examines major components of human brain functioning. Sessions consist of a set of 7 modules based directly upon more than a 50-year history of human performance testing in psychology, neurology, bioengineering, kinesiology and related fields.


    This unique approach to neurocognitive and neuromotor measurement and monitoring of brain performance capacities also uses the science of General Systems Performance Theory (GSPT) developed by Dr. George Kondraske, Director of the Human Performance Institute at the University of Texas at Arlington and one of the lead scientists working with RC21X to develop this tool.


    In the systems approach fostered by GSPT, a human being can be viewed as a set of sub-systems, each of which possesses a certain amount of different types of performance resources. Roberto is designed to maximally stress selected sub-systems and determine “how much” of a given performance resource is available. The array of human performance resources targeted by Roberto is based on brain structure and function, and includes many of those that are drawn upon and that support performance in the more complex activities of everyday life.


    By incorporating General Systems Performance Theory (GSPT), Roberto can provide new insights to brain performance—especially by combining multiple performance measures. GSPT is particularly sensitive to detecting changes in human performance over time.


    Roberto's technology provides a robust brain performance capacity measurement from a cognitive and neuromotor standpoint. The scientific development team behind Roberto will be continually evaluating data as it is obtained to further define and improve the scientific integrity of this system.

    Roberto Pricing - $2.99 per month

    • 7 fun games test different aspects of neurocognitive and neuromotor performance
    • Each session produces a unique Brain Performance Profile
    • Advanced trending reports allow you to see you your brain performance over time at a glance
    • New log feature enables you to add notes to your sessions
    • Share scores with your family, trainer, coach or physician
    • Unlimited use
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    How to get the Roberto App:

    You can download and install Roberto from the App Store or Google Play by searching for “Roberto App” on either service. In addition, you can use your iOS or Android device to go to click the download badges below. When you create an account you will be prompted for an ‘affiliate code’, please use BRAINSTEM. This code will give you a FREE TRIAL.

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  • Advanced Brain Health & Performance Measurement System for Clinical Settings


    Establish Your Personal Brain Performance Profile - In About 12 Minutes

    RC21X is a web based software used in clinical settings, serving as an adjunctive tool that provides clinicians with data helpful in drafting and monitoring treatment plans.


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