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    International Health Partners, Ltd specializes human performance, health and safety solutions that are natural and drug-free. If good health and performing optimally whether at work, home or play is important to you, then we welcome the opportunity to assist you in living better. We're dedicated and excited to help families, teams, organizations and companies reach their wellness and performance goals.

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    Dale G. Schmoll, DC

    Founder / President / Chiropractor / Neuroscience Advocate

    Husband / Father / US Army Veteran / Student of Life

    Being raised on a farm in Southern Minnesota, I was no stranger to long days and hard work and was blessed with an upbringing that taught me honesty, integrity, loyalty and commitment. A back injury when I was 16 piqued my interest in Chiropractic, after a remarkable recovery, without drugs or surgery. After graduating high school, I joined the US Army to serve my country and help with college expenses. I graduated Northwestern Health Science University in 1992 and worked as an associate doctor for just over a year before I opened my own Chiropractic practice. As a Chiropractor, I spent much of my time teaching patients how to better take care of their bodies to prevent injury and recover faster. In 2001, I moved my family to the Middle East to expand the Chiropractic profession and was the COO of the first Chiropractic center federally recognized by the UAE Ministry of Health. Since repatriating to the USA in 2005, I continue to travel overseas 4-5 times annually to expand Chiropractic and other natural health care solutions. I am passionate about helping others discover natural breakthroughs in science that assist the body’s natural ability to heal itself.


    I look forward to helping you, your family, company or organization reach your true potential and live a better life. Let’s talk soon and see how we can help the challenges you are facing!

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    Schedule a 30-minute "Brain Performance Solutions" overview/webinar to learn more about the performance, wellness and safety benefits for you, your employees, athletes and/or family.

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    WWERA-Certified NETWORK®​ Associate Supplier

    Who is NETWORK®?

    NETWORK® is the flexible, integrated distribution solution that improves supply chain efficiency and drives business success. For multi-site customers in commercial real estate, healthcare, food service, grocery, industrial packaging, printing, lodging and the public sector, NETWORK offers deep experience, vast infrastructure, customizable programs and best-in-class products — including environmentally preferred solutions designed to help customers meet their sustainability goals. NETWORK® currently serves more than 1,300,000 customer locations, with over $16 billion in total annual sales worldwide.


    Their system blends centralized account management with flexibility, accountability, expertise and true local market presence. NETWORK delivers the single-source convenience you need to stay ahead of the competition. They call it Distribution by Design®. You’ll call it a better way to do business.

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