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  • 1. Expense Management

    Consists of lowering cable and electricity bills as well as resolving debt and tax issues.

  • 2. Protection

    Giving you the confidence of knowing whatever comes your way, you have protection when you need it.

    Life Savings Program

    Pay Less in Taxes While Having a Security Blanket of Living Benefits

    We work with individuals and families to better prepare them for life's curve-balls specifically in these three scenarios:

    1. If you die too soon
    2. If you live too long
    3. If you become sick and/or injured
    Contact us at the bottom of the page to learn more.

    Legal and Identity Theft Protection

    Introducing LegalShield/IDShield

    Highlights include:

    • Legal protection when you need it, without the high hourly cost of the average attorney. 
    • LegalShield gives you the confidence of knowing whatever comes your way, your provider law firm is there when you need it.
    • IDShield is the only identity theft protection company armed with a team of licensed private investigators on call to restore your identity if needed.
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