• Combat Brain Training™

    What is Combat Brain Training™ (CBT)?



    In 2007 the US Marines contracted Kennedy Consulting Group to develop the first non-digital neuroplastic training program to improve all Warfighting skills in order to reduce casualties in combat by improving focus, situational awareness, intuition (“sixth sense”) and critical decision making under stress. By physically changing the brain to be more efficient at the foundational processing level, all areas of performance are improved regardless of profession. Thousands of people have experienced Combat Brain Training™, including:

    • in the Military – Marines, SEALs, Snipers, EOD, Combat Advisors, fighter and helicopter pilots and their instructors
    • in Sports – athletes in all sports including professionals, college and High School, both individually and in teams
    • in Business – executives, sales and technical experts individually and in teams, traders, attorneys and financial advisors
    • Students at all levels from Six Sigma executives to an inner city high school
    • People suffering from brain trauma including Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD and concussions

    100% who followed the program report significantly improved performance. Conducted in a team environment, communication, teamwork and group decision making are also significantly improved. The result is better focus and attention, improved working memory and accelerated mental and physical reaction times especially in stressful situations.


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    From classroom to the field, in person or via video conference. Anywhere in the world, PACE Neuroplastic Training available as:

    • Executive Brain Coaching – the only executive coaching program that applies a neuroplastic approach as a velocity factor to drive peak performance. 
    • Team Coaching – conducted in a team environment, communication improves at a foundation level of cognition, increasing teamwork and overall efficiency as well as raise performance. Teams trained include sports and military units, sales, customer service and executive teams. Scalable from 2-200.   

    Corporate Events and Keynotes

    Topics customized to audience utilizing the neuroplastic perspective to provide the audience with new insights in their performance and environment. These include:

    • Zombie Thinking – Why we do what we do and how to improve it (based on the forthcoming book) explains how we create the unconscious processes that determine our performance and how to recreate them to drive peak performance
    • A Neuroplastic Approach to Unconscious Excellence in Leadership
    • A Neuroplastic Approach to Increasing Emotional Intelligence
    • A Neuroplastic Approach to Increasing Sales
    • A Neuroplastic Approach to Improving Empathic Design
    • Creating a Neuroplastic Enriching Environment for Kids (and Employees)

    An optional benefit is the inclusion of a proprietary non digital neuroplastic exercise that the audience can keep to use on their own to continue benefits.


    Robust Non Digital Stimulation

    “The development of particular neurological connections or skills does not occur gradually over time. Instead such changes tend to occur suddenly, appearing in short intervals after robust stimulation, it is as if there is a single important trigger and then a functional circuit rapidly comes online.” – Akira Yoshii, MIT brain researcher


    Our "analog" programs uniquely provide this robust stimulation creating noticeable beneficial physical changes in the brain in just a few hours. Digital based brain training programs just do not work! (see downloads below)

    Faster Mental Processing

    Our proprietary exercises target the processes critical to Executive Function and Working Memory. This makes decision making a "zombie system", i.e. performed unconsciously where it is much faster and more accurate - like putting a faster processor in your computer, performance improves in every thing you do, at every level!

    Cognitively Primed Anticipation

    Whatever we do, data is coming at us incredibly fast and our mental efficiency depends on how well we Break it down Think it through, Execute! When this becomes a zombie system, our ability to anticipate is increased (called intuition), our conscious is free for more creative proactive thinking, mental and physical reaction times accelerate, stress goes down and focus improves!

  • Major Paul Bischoff, USMC


    “Skills exercised by Combat Brain Training are valuable to all Warfighters and are increasingly critical for coping with complexity on today’s battlefields. We encourage our Marines to ‘Think Fast’, ‘Improvise, Adapt and Overcome’, ‘Get inside the enemy’s OODA loop’, etc. After going through your training I am convinced that CBT can increase our fitness for Warfighting through improved cognition.”

    Jeff Richey, MISL


    “I can anticipate the ball much better and react faster.”
    • Single game record 45 saves
    • 1st in the league with 471

    Nick Roach, Raiders LB


    “I can remember more and it helps my ability to balance and recall multiple calls and adjustments in my head at the same time – this is a huge deal in football.”

    Trevor Harris, CFL QB


    "Playing the position of Quarterback involves a lot: blitz recognition, coverage identification, route progressions, hot reads, adjustments from coverage rolling, reading leverage, my own footwork and timing. Combat Brain Training has allowed me to improve the skill of task switching with great efficiency all while also improving extended focus and anticipation… it has helped speed up my decision-making process to a “flow” state – fast accurate and unconscious.”

    Bill Curry, Varsity BB Coach

    Westinghouse College Prep

    “Players are commenting on how much the game is slowing down for them in their mind. In addition to "saying" that the CBT is helping them, several of the players are improving rapidly and their stats are validating it. Higher shooting percentage, more pass deflections, two guys got in help position enough to take the first charges of their careers. We are sold” 

    Dennis Pauls

    Insurance Company CEO

    “My team (that was in the brain training program) are learning faster and remembering better. Our meetings are much more efficient and we are accomplishing more in less time.”
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